Unify the View of Your Corporate Data - Manage Your Business Knowledge

Accordia Enterprise Search Platform seamlessly connects to multiple sources of corporate data providing a unified view into related business information, that is ordinarily scattered over different data stores. This innovative use of data-gathering techniques allows users to quickly define their desired data collections and have their systems up and running without any additional programming.

  • Innovative data-indexing techniques support fast and unified access
  • to relevant business information.
  • Flexible search area configuration engine permits multiple business
  • views on same data collections, accommodating the needs of diverse user groups.
  • User-friendly full-text and semantic search engine provides superior
  • access to your corporate knowledge base.
  • Sophisticated Relationship-Graph-Indexing Engine delivers
  • unparalleled access to your business relationships network information.
  • The integration of Entity Extraction, Co-Reference Resolution and
  • Relationship Extraction algorithms facilitate advanced information retrieval.
  • Powerful easy-to-use API allows easy integration with client
  • applications.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with your corporate data stores minimizes
  • implementation costs.

Our full text and semantic search engine offers unparalleled access to highly structured data. The innovative data-indexing techniques transform hard-to-reach information into a user-friendly format.

For example, the search query “US equities open price over 10 dollars” will search all underlying data stores for the list of US equities and return all time series where the price was over 10 dollars.